Who is Hodladi?

No one special actually. I'm just a guy that stays humble and stacks sats.

Im using a PGP signature on all my Social Media so you guys know Hodladi is this Hodladi on different sites.

PGP Public Key: EBEAFB6473B43C9A23E2B702DDA7D94EEBA41C5C
If you wanna download my public PGP Key, here is a link to it.
You can also validate me on Keybase.io

Why do I need a website?

I'm trying to influence as many nocoiners as possible to get of the "zero bitcoin" in their savings.

How can I help you?
If it's about bitcoin i see my self as knowledgeable. Just ask any question you need an answer to and i do my best to answer.

What's the QR-code for?

Donations my friend, donations.
If i did help you, or you saw something funny on my twitter or just for any reason want to make a donation, just scan the QR with your LN-Wallet.

Thanks in advance!